Monday, April 30, 2007

Environmentalists Embrace Mercury

Hmmm... environmentalists have embraced the compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulb, which cannot now and will not in the foreseeable future be made without mercury. In the state of Maine, mercury levels from a broken CFL bulb caused in excess of six times the state's "safe" level for mercury contamination. ONE BULB!

It's 10PM do you know where your children are? Safely at home with a Mercury death bomb above their wee little heads?!

Usually, environmentalists want hazardous materials out of, not in, our homes. These are the same people who go berserk at the thought of mercury being emitted from power plants and the presence of mercury in seafood. Environmentalists have whipped up so much fear of mercury among the public that many local governments have even launched mercury thermometer exchange programs.

Thanks to for sending me this story (for the full story: As for me a my house I'm be getting rid of these things ASAP!


Sunday, April 29, 2007

Six Autistic kids! Are we joking?!

We wish it was just all one big joke or maybe a bad dream...but it's true. My wife and I are the parents of six children and they all are on the Autism spectrum. Now don't get us wrong we LOVE these little angels and sometimes they are, but honestly life is tough! How tough? Well, that is one of the reasons for this blog. We like to tell people that something happens EVERY DAY.

So to be up front with why we're here doing a blog, here are some things we are hoping to do:

  1. Help other Autistic parents with our example, good or bad.
  2. Give hope to others in the Autistic community that may be thinking, "Gee, I thought we had it bad, SIX KIDS!?!"
  3. We need to earn or make more MONEY $$$ to provide for our children various treatments, interventions and education. One way is with our website: Right now it's mainly Autism Awareness t-shirts, tote bags, etc.(Any suggestions, ideas or requests are welcomed).
  4. Learn from others experiences to help us and others who come here.
  5. I and my wife will both be posting to this blog. Both a Dad and Mom's point of view.

Here's the breakdown of our angels:

  • 13 yr old, boy, High Functioning Autism
  • 9 yr old, girl, Aspergers
  • 8 yr old, boy, Aspergers
  • 5 yr old, girl, Classic Autism
  • 3 yr old, boy, Classic Autism
  • 2 yr old, girl, PDD-NOS

Some may ask, "Why did you keep having kids if you knew they were Autistic?" I may say that's it's none of your business. But, I won't... We only got complete a diagnosis on all of them this last November (2006).

Now, we are new to blogging so if we do something goofy or dumb...please be kind. If not I'll just wipe out your post anyway. You'll learn that I'm the one with more attitude and my wife will range from inspirational to depressed. Depends on how long ago she took her Zoloft. :)