Wednesday, June 25, 2008

LUVS Funny Diaper Deal

We found out about this LUVS diaper promotion. If you even come close to 3 kids in diapers like us, you'll want to save a few bucks with this deal. Click the links for the fun and silly videos.

From the website - Understanding that many families across the country are more financially conscious than ever, Luvs has partnered with mom-comedienne, author and overnight internet video sensation, Anita Renfroe, to encourage parents to brave these times without losing their minds, wallets or their sense of humor. Renfroe will unveil her latest comedic song and video – a sequel to the original “Mom-sense” jingle set to the William Tell Overture that millions of people have viewed and enjoyed – available to view or download for free exclusively at starting June 25. Luvs is also offering a $5-off coupon via its Web site and encourages moms everywhere to take a stand against pricier diapers by pledging to choose products that offer premium features for no extra cost. Quantities are LIMITED and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Here's the discount offer link.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Autism Media Hounds...woof...woof

We don't think of us or anyone else being a 'media hound' for Autism is bad. Autism Speaks are media hounds, to raise funds. Mom26 is a hound to raise awareness and acceptance, as are we! We have been accused by some of going after the media spotlight for financial gain. I guess I'm guilty in some respects. I did some major grieving as we discovered that all six of our children were on the spectrum. Now what, I thought. How can I support the added expense we are and now having to bare?

I love my children and want the best for them. But, the best COSTS , I figure that I need to be rich (6 figures plus) to get a decent house, therapies and to protect them from themselves. If 1,000,000 people bought just one of our Autism t-shirts... we'd be set. Until that happens we'll manage as best as we can.

I'm on the constant prowl for ways to make money at home and things are picking up. However, if anyone is doing something right now that is working for them... let me know. In my searching as I find good home money making methods I'll get the word out. And if anyone thinks we're slacking, give me a call and I'll invite you over to spend a day. Give you a little reality check.

I need a 'financial mentor', someone who knows how to do it and would be willing to teach me.

Just the DAD

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Where's Dad?

No we've not been on vacation, I've just been spending my days in the hunt for the elusive buck. Money for the family that is. I'm somewhat surprised with the current poll on how families provide for themselves financially.

It looks like most Autistic parents aren't able to relate to our situation. It has been VERY difficult to have a 9-5 job with the children having their needs and Robin's fibromyalgia where she needs at least two naps a day. I thought that a lot of other parents would have to be more 'stay at home' like us. But, then I got to thinking a bit and I'm guessing that most of the parents here have a lot less Autistic children then we do.


So please participate in the new poll to help us understand where you are coming from as far as family make up. Thanks

UPDATE: Question on the poll, someone said they have six Autistic children also, we like to meet/talk. Please email us at


Monday, June 9, 2008

John and Robin Kirton Family's NEW Autism Book

We would like your opinion as quickly as you are able. We've been thinking that it would be a good idea to tell our story in a book and we'd like your help. What information or area in our lives would you like the most to know about? Please respond with your ideas to our email address:

We want to have the book published before our documentary is shown on Discovery Health channel in October.

John and Robin Kirton

Friday, June 6, 2008

Family Grant Money - Autism Speaks Forum

I was on the Autism Speaks forum earlier today where a post was giving information on some of the FEW resources that there are for parents to help their families. After reading of how little there is and going to some of the sites mentioned, plus the comments from parents who are at the end of the ropes... I added my two cents. Since it was somewhat lengthy and most visitors want more of our input on this blog I'll put it here for you as well - - -

We KNOW how hard it is to find ANYTHING or organization out there that can provide needed funding. With our six its been a journey of frustration and a whole lot of 'why bother any mores'.

Some examples are: We are low income, not by choice however. I've lost jobs, been told time needed to take care of family needs, "aren't working out for the company" or had to quit because I just need to be home to help my wife. She is such a hard working Mom, but with near clinical depression and fibromyalgia she needs her Zoloft and 2 plus naps a day to just make it.

We get SSI for the 3 youngest, the 3 oldest are not 'severe' enough. Our state has a program for respite, but only 2 qualify. We were hoping to actually GET respite, but at least 2 of the children get some time out for a couple of hours a week.

There is a state medical program that would provide some services for us and the three oldest, but after going back and forth for 5 months trying to gather info from places that wouldn't cooperate and every other roadblock imaginable we've said to heck with it.

No OT, PT or MSG :D We've made inquiries of various state offices about additional services but none either know of any or are of the understanding that what we have is about as good as it gets.

I've sent letters, emails and made calls to see what various businesses and organizations could do BUT I've yet to get any offers. Now don't get me wrong here, I don't want a free ride just because we have 6 ASD children. I'd be VERY willing to give speeches, presentations, etc. either for pay or exchange for services given. I guess with us having 6 on the spectrum they see costs being too high and 'head for the hills'.

If it wasn't for a couple of months of great t-shirt sales, some generous donors and that tax rebate we'd be on welfare right now. But, we are trying to stay off and not be anymore of a burden on the system then we are already.

We are just looking for what we can do to help these 6 beautiful children we've been blessed with to have a better life. To be able to communicate, understand and participate in the world around them.

So we try to maintain a cheerful appearance as much as possible and I feel we do pretty good most of the time. I'm glad for the Autism research and information organizations HOWEVER, there are too many parents that search and struggle to find the means to help their own children.

We know.


Sunday, June 1, 2008

We've Joined the YouTube Website

It looks like the links are coming down on our website where we showed some of the various programs we've been on (i.e. Good Morning America, Inside Edition, etc.). We had asked to have copies on DVD of the shows sooooo... we are going to put them on YouTube.

The Inside Edition story was pre-empted in Utah by the NCAA tournament and we never saw it until our DVD arrived 3 weeks later.

Here is the link to the Inside Edition story. I'll be adding more as I can. Update: I've now added the Good Morning America story. Their website is no longer showing the video, here it is again for those who missed it.