Sunday, June 1, 2008

We've Joined the YouTube Website

It looks like the links are coming down on our website where we showed some of the various programs we've been on (i.e. Good Morning America, Inside Edition, etc.). We had asked to have copies on DVD of the shows sooooo... we are going to put them on YouTube.

The Inside Edition story was pre-empted in Utah by the NCAA tournament and we never saw it until our DVD arrived 3 weeks later.

Here is the link to the Inside Edition story. I'll be adding more as I can. Update: I've now added the Good Morning America story. Their website is no longer showing the video, here it is again for those who missed it.



michelle hays said...

Im subscribed now. Thanks for sharing your story. Your possitive and loving attitude are an amazing inspiration to me. I know your children will go further than anyone could imagine because of the parents youve become

Round Belly said...

THank you for that link. That will help others around me understand much more about the state of my house :)