Saturday, May 23, 2009

Things Are Looking Up

I like many have been struggling with earning what our family needs lately. Last year was going well until November when the economy took its hit. I've tried to continue to earn with our internet businesses, BUT it wasn't making it. I sent out nearly 100 resumes in the last couple of months and only got a few nibbles. So after much discussion between Robin and I... prayers etc. we decided that I should go through the training of becoming a over the road trucker.

The accelerated class I started 2 weeks ago had 42 students, yesterday just 13 were left that passed all the requirements. I was in that group, of course ;) By the end of this coming week I'll be hitting the road for an additional 14,500 miles with a driving trainer to learn the actual on the road experiences. It will be somewhat difficult for Robin and the children, but I have to earn for our needs of course. Please pray for her especially and the family generally if you would. After I get settled into the job I'll be back on this blog and some of our other online hangouts.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Catch You All Later

Hey followers... I'm bugging out of here for I don't know how long. Life is crashing around us lately.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Autism Awareness Month - So What !!

So what has Autism Awareness Month done for you? Did you think more about your child and their Autism? Let me guess, you think about it all the time anyway. An 'awareness' month, has not really changed how you deal with Autism. Am I right?

What about your family? Did they come over to the house against their self-imposed avoidance of your family? No? Huh, really. You mean they didn't offer to watch the kids? Give you a break? Nothing?!? Didn't they know that it's Autism Awareness Month?

OK, ok. But, I bet you saw THAT celebrity on the talk shows again with their latest book on curing Autism. Do you wonder if it's all about adding some extra zeros into their bank account? Most of the blogs and posts believe that. I don't know, I'm not them. I hope they have a higher goal then just money.

But, there sure have been lots of newspaper stories and local TV reports. So at least some 'awareness' is going on. Right? Did you hear about some sort of new laws... or mandates that came out of Washington this month? Have we seen any real details and how it can positively affect families of Autism? No? Me neither.

I was hoping that since President Obama had lots of changes in mind, that it would include Autism. Autism IS high on his list of things to do. It says so on the White House website. There is next years Autism Awareness Month I suppose. Hmmmm, there still are a couple of days before the end of the month. Maybe we'll get a surprise Autism birthday present!

Hey! Stop holding your breath, I'm afraid you'll pass out.

We should be grateful that we have our own month. But is it for us? Are we getting any real benefit? What do you think? Is it just a bunch of lip service? To make us think that the media, government, etc. do actually care and are concerned?

If not, you need to get off the couch and DO SOMETHING about it! Every MONTH needs to be Autism Awareness Month, where things are getting done to help your situation. Not just a bunch of talk. If you as a parent or a person of Autism don't speak up and I mean really do some shouting... otherwise, we are just sheeple (people that act like obedient sheep) and be thankful for whatever crumbs fall off the 'table' of resources and finances that happen to come along. I'm just one voice, we need many more!

Otherwise, Autism Awareness Month is not for parents or persons of Autism... is it?