Sunday, October 18, 2009

Created a New Tote

When Robin and I got the ideas for our t-shirts, we were only thinking about how they would help our lives. However, when other parents and families of Autistic people heard about them they wanted us to make them available to anyone. Thus our Autism Bites t-shirts were born.

Since that day I've had a few requests to add to the choices available. I was recently contacted by a parent and a group of teachers that wanted a tote bag with a face and saying combonation that we did not have. Here is what they wanted -

Its a great idea and one that can be used for any disorder, not just Autism. Christmas is approaching, if you can't find what you like in what we are offering let me know and I'll see what I can do. Thanks!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Swine Flu Shots?

Every year the "experts" predict what flu shot is needed for the upcoming season. From many reports and books I've read on the subject (what parent of an Autistic child hasn't studied this subject?) the favored choice is effective less than 25% of the time.

It's a crap shoot.

Then there is the 'extras' that are included in each dose. The thimerosal content of a lot of shots has been greatly reduced, but not necessarily the aluminum or formaldehyde, or the use of fetal and animal tissues in the manufacturing of them.

I've read that this shot DOES include thimerosal. Thanks for your concern CDC, but no thanks!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Autism x 6: How Do We Do It?

We've been getting this question a lot recently in emails. And it is a question that we've been getting from day one. My wife is the glue that holds us together and works hard to make our family feel more 'normal'.

We both grew up not knowing what a special needs family was. The last few years have been a crash course, near literally. We are not perfect or have any unusual talents that help us make it though each day. We just plug along and do the best we can.

Some days it is overwhelming and maybe we escape with too many DVD rentals or midnight snacks, but you do what you have to do to maintain your sanity.

No one asks for challenges like these precious angels bring to a family. However, we figured that God must really want to straighten us out to have given us six children with Autism. I feel they are here mainly for us to learn from them, instead of the other way around.

We used to complain a lot more (i.e. not enough money, need a home of our own, etc) but we are getting better. Hey! It looks like the children are doing a good job with us after all.

They are the special ones. Me? I'm just the Dad.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Autism Rate Now 1 in 100, Still Autism x 6 for Us

1 in 100? It's scary, it's terrible, it's the end of the world!! Naaaah, if you have children with Autism you just learn to deal with it.

However, friends don't come over any more, family avoid you, you're in foreclosure or going bankrupt. If you are so bold as to step out into the outside world you get the "look" or stares usually followed by unsolicited parenting advise.

You may not be able to hold down a regular job. You need a lot of time off. You had the hope that there was a government program, an agency or charitable organization that could help with SOMETHING.

Then 'how life really is' sets in.

After awhile you come to realize its all up to you. You stop feeling sorry for yourself. You stop caring about the mean people, uncaring family members or government indifference to your plight.

You come to accept your life with an Autistic child(ren). Then you learn to embrace it. To appreciate their innocence.

Sure the meltdowns, the poop, the constant messy home STILL aren't that much fun -- but you deal with it. You realize your blessings and find peace in your life.

1 in 100? It's still 6 in 6 for us.