Sunday, October 18, 2009

Created a New Tote

When Robin and I got the ideas for our t-shirts, we were only thinking about how they would help our lives. However, when other parents and families of Autistic people heard about them they wanted us to make them available to anyone. Thus our Autism Bites t-shirts were born.

Since that day I've had a few requests to add to the choices available. I was recently contacted by a parent and a group of teachers that wanted a tote bag with a face and saying combonation that we did not have. Here is what they wanted -

Its a great idea and one that can be used for any disorder, not just Autism. Christmas is approaching, if you can't find what you like in what we are offering let me know and I'll see what I can do. Thanks!



furious said...

Thats a cool new tote. I would love to have one. Will have to see if I can afford one before christmas.

Dadof6Autistickids said...


You are a faithful follower of our blog. Thanks!!

Knowledge Safari said...

Hi! We have linked your blog to ours at this is a precursor to a new social network we are starting for parents with children who have special needs.

Hope to see you there!

furious said...

Always interested to see how you do it and the new things you are doing to promote awareness of autism.

furious said...

Where are you? Havent seen a blog for a while. Hope you are all well!

Anonymous said...

The autism tote bag with the happy face will brighten anyone's day and the t-shirt will be a way to see that the person wearing it is either a parent of an autistic child or even a person with autism. This will be a good way to prove that autism is not a bad disorder.

Jared Alexander

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