Saturday, October 3, 2009

Autism Rate Now 1 in 100, Still Autism x 6 for Us

1 in 100? It's scary, it's terrible, it's the end of the world!! Naaaah, if you have children with Autism you just learn to deal with it.

However, friends don't come over any more, family avoid you, you're in foreclosure or going bankrupt. If you are so bold as to step out into the outside world you get the "look" or stares usually followed by unsolicited parenting advise.

You may not be able to hold down a regular job. You need a lot of time off. You had the hope that there was a government program, an agency or charitable organization that could help with SOMETHING.

Then 'how life really is' sets in.

After awhile you come to realize its all up to you. You stop feeling sorry for yourself. You stop caring about the mean people, uncaring family members or government indifference to your plight.

You come to accept your life with an Autistic child(ren). Then you learn to embrace it. To appreciate their innocence.

Sure the meltdowns, the poop, the constant messy home STILL aren't that much fun -- but you deal with it. You realize your blessings and find peace in your life.

1 in 100? It's still 6 in 6 for us.



furious said...

Also in my my case friends with babies dont come over with their kids even though I tell them my oldest hf autistic who used to try to hit babies doesnt do that anymore.

Serenity said...

You have a great attitude. I wish more people would follow your example!