Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Autism X 6: A Year Later

On October 1st Discovery Health channel will be showing our family story... again. During this past year it's been aired about 8 - 12 dates that we know of. It was shown in Australia and in England as well. Discovery Health did not tell us about the Australia showing (they don't have to). We found out from a number of emails from some new Aussie friends.

The show in England had a bit of lead up advertising and media attention. Robin was interviewed by a woman's magazine, we asked for a copy like we always have done with the other media, but we didn't get it. The most amazing thing for us was that we did not get a single response to the documentary from anyone in England. Maybe something was lost in the translation. Not sure.

We've had all the range of responses as you might expect. People wondering how we do it, other wondering WHY we did it. We received email from well wishers and others calling us the foulest names possible. Some have told us we deserve a Extreme Home Makeover show, and others said we don't know how to clean up a home. We've been accused of using our kids for financial gain, but the truth is we are worse off financially then a year ago -- just like the rest of the country.

But we are glad that the show was made and the other documentary, Keys to Unlocking Autism, that we were a part of. Awareness is the key and the beginning steps to making the life's of persons with Autism better. But even though the term 'Czar' is getting a bad rap lately -- we need one. An Autism Czar to coordinate the efforts correctly, as much as possible.

We call ourselves 'Autistic Parents', other parents know what we mean. Some goofs have thought we were saying we are Autistic too. We know how to handle the joys as well as the crap, literally, being parents to six children with Autism. And we're still plugging away a year later.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Autism x 6: Update to Our Main Website

I've made changes, updates and have refocused the meaning of our website: AutismBites

Autism with six children is still not the best part of the day, however we want to focus more on the positive. We've found that certain things work for us and make life A LOT better. Maybe it can help your family too.

Updates are on the main page, about us and links. Who can tell me first, the major change made to our blog?