Sunday, June 22, 2008

Autism Media Hounds...woof...woof

We don't think of us or anyone else being a 'media hound' for Autism is bad. Autism Speaks are media hounds, to raise funds. Mom26 is a hound to raise awareness and acceptance, as are we! We have been accused by some of going after the media spotlight for financial gain. I guess I'm guilty in some respects. I did some major grieving as we discovered that all six of our children were on the spectrum. Now what, I thought. How can I support the added expense we are and now having to bare?

I love my children and want the best for them. But, the best COSTS , I figure that I need to be rich (6 figures plus) to get a decent house, therapies and to protect them from themselves. If 1,000,000 people bought just one of our Autism t-shirts... we'd be set. Until that happens we'll manage as best as we can.

I'm on the constant prowl for ways to make money at home and things are picking up. However, if anyone is doing something right now that is working for them... let me know. In my searching as I find good home money making methods I'll get the word out. And if anyone thinks we're slacking, give me a call and I'll invite you over to spend a day. Give you a little reality check.

I need a 'financial mentor', someone who knows how to do it and would be willing to teach me.

Just the DAD


Mom26children said...


Please call me when you get a chance...512 339 0479.

Need some ideas

holmanstuntz said...

we are anxious to see if you received the surprise package my daughter put together for your family, please call 704-886-7726

autismfamily said...

You can write reviews on this site:

For many months now they have had a good promotion where you can make $200 per month with reviews and that could mean each parent create an ID and write on products, books, etc that are in your household. There is no referral at the site. Here is my page to see what you can write on:

Also have you joined wish upon a hero - there are many heros that help with clothing and food, etc.

My id is autismfamily and I have the autism forum there