Wednesday, June 25, 2008

LUVS Funny Diaper Deal

We found out about this LUVS diaper promotion. If you even come close to 3 kids in diapers like us, you'll want to save a few bucks with this deal. Click the links for the fun and silly videos.

From the website - Understanding that many families across the country are more financially conscious than ever, Luvs has partnered with mom-comedienne, author and overnight internet video sensation, Anita Renfroe, to encourage parents to brave these times without losing their minds, wallets or their sense of humor. Renfroe will unveil her latest comedic song and video – a sequel to the original “Mom-sense” jingle set to the William Tell Overture that millions of people have viewed and enjoyed – available to view or download for free exclusively at starting June 25. Luvs is also offering a $5-off coupon via its Web site and encourages moms everywhere to take a stand against pricier diapers by pledging to choose products that offer premium features for no extra cost. Quantities are LIMITED and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Here's the discount offer link.



Stephanie said...

HI Guys! I just wanted to let you know that if your kids are on Medicaid, like ours, then Medicaid will pay for the diapers after your child turns four years old. Maybe you already know that, but just a heads up. It sure has helped us! We used to have three in diapers at the same time, too!

Dadof6Autistickids said...

Thanks Stephanie!

Yeah we do and are, however... things get messed up from time to time. Hey! Does that ever happen with the gov't being involved?!? LOL

Like last month... it was the middle of the month and still no diapers (they deliver). We call the provider. Uh huh, what's that? Our prescription ran out? How did that happen? Really...? Huh? Just one year? Can it be renewed? But, not by you huh? Call the doctor ourselves, hmmmm.

MAYBE WE COULD HAVE BEEN TOLD THAT INFORMATION A MONTH AGO!! (using Adam Sandler voice from the Wedding Singer)

I tell you... it never ends, does it?


autismfamily said...

My son turns 12 next Monday and Insurance has been paying for his huggies goodnites since he was five years old. I get five cases per month.

If the child wearing diapers gets SSI than you should look into Medicaid or Medical in your state.

Here is my website -

I came here to learn more about your discovery health story in Oct. Is that posted somewhere and what is the status of a book?

autismfamily said...

I just read the comments and wanted to suggest that you call the supply company (we use a pharmacy in medical clinic) a certain date each month so you do not lose a month supply. Say like the 5th or 10th of each month to find out status of authorizations.

I lost May delivery since the girl was on vacation and then the last day of the month it was approved but had to order and then a new month.