Friday, August 17, 2007


We've been driving pretty much all week, running all over town doing errands to get ready for back to school. Our car came close to getting overheated yesterday, the reading of the temp was maxed out at 260, yikes! But, we thank God that it cooled off after we went to another store. Emma, 9, mild Aspergers, started getting a migraine headache after eating one of the suckers the bank gave us. We still can't seem to remember all the time that she can't eat things with food coloring, and cheap hard candy is the worst. At the store, her headache was coming on strong, so I gave her a plastic bag and told her to sit on the bench near the entry. She asked if she could look at the toys, and I said no. So, when we couldn't find her when we were done, I went to check the bathroom. An employee with a cleaning cart just entered the bathroom , I asked her if there was a 9 year old girl in here, and she immediately grumbled "No one is in here!" So, I had her paged. But, when she didn't come, I didn't freak because I knew exactly where she was--looking at Barbies in the toy department...

Back at home, Emma got so sick. The little ones had full diapers, especially Ammon, 3, classic autism. He doesn't talk yet, but does a lot of cute babbling and gibberish. But, once in a great while, he tries to say a little something and is successful--and this was one of those moments!!! He imitated the words of his 2 year old sister, Mary, PDD. He very quietly uttered "Guck!" (that's what Mary says when she's hauling chunks in her pants) and then he said "Boy da." Mary says that a lot, we don't know what it means, but she always says it excitedly and with a big smile.

John is coming home from his medical study today. I know he wants this place to look much better than he left it, but he's not going to get that luxury. This place is still trashed, but at least we've got everything and everybody ready for school which has been a HUGE undertaking. I talked to the elementary school social worker yesterday, she invited Emma and Nephi, 8, moderate Asperger's, to meet their teacher yesterday to help them transist. She said "So what are you gonna do all day now that all of them will be in school this year?" I said "Plenty." She smiled and said she's kidding, and I said "I know."

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