Thursday, July 24, 2008

Spongebob and The Great Giggle Box

A couple of nights ago, the night after our PARTY FOR THREE, Mary, 3, woke up crying. I sort of woke up from it, but then staggered to bed when I saw John awake. I assumed he was going to deal with her. In time, I kept hearing John moan and groan as Mary kept crying. John was too tired to be very patient, and was letting her cry for a time seeing if she would fall asleep again, like she usually does.

Well, Mary kept crying and John was losing it. So, I got up and told him to go to bed, I'll deal with her. I asked Mary "You wanna hold mama?" She said "Mama hold you." Sometimes mom is the only thing that will make a child happy. We had to put on a Spongebob DVD because that's Mary's current obsession. It used to be Blue's Clues and Elmo. She won't watch Blue anymore, and Elmo not so much, it's almost always "Bah Bob on DVD!" now. As John and I were talking in the middle of the night while I was changing Mary and getting her ready to sit with me, from down the hall we heard a little "Hee hee!" We kept hearing it over and over again and were looking at each other like "Uh oh." So, John got Sarah, 6, our little giggle box, and brought her into the living room to change a rank bomb in her pants. He then went to bed as me and the little girls had a slumber party. Sarah bounced and frolicked around giggling like there was no tomorrow. She likes to get real close right in my face and roar with laughter, nearly making me deaf in the process. I tried to sleep in the recliner, but couldn't get comfortable enough. Mary finally passed out cold and laid down on the couch. Sarah was still bouncing off the walls in a jovial frenzy with more "Hee hee!"'s in my face. I was so wasted, I'd had enough. So, I replayed Spongebob and made sure the room was safe--the dividing wall up and the bathroom locked--then I went to bed.

A few hours later, I came into the living room to check on them. Sarah was leisurely sitting in my recliner, and as I looked at her in the dimly lit room, she looked right at me as her mouthful of teeth emerged, her eyes lit up and twinkled and she went "HEE HEE!"

She started to nod off about then, but then perked up again. She giggled all the way to the bathtub and in the bathtub. Later, when I called her name a few times to tell her I needed to dry her hair, she said "Say ah, Say ah." She's never said her name so clearly before!!!!!

Here's Sarah after she got home from school yesterday....

By the way, Ammon, 4, is progressing so well in his communication. After he had his after school snack, he comes up to me and sticks his finger in my face with gooey and chunky brown stuff on it--and I didn't give him chocolate. Hey, at least he didn't wipe it on his clothes and not tell me about it. For that, I totally couldn't get upset with him, I was just SO PROUD of my boy!!!

Sniff sniff...


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