Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Help Me Get a Meeting with President Obama

President Obama ran on a campaign of change. Recently I did a lot of soul searching as to what I need to do to help the Autism community this year. What came to me is that I need to bring some MAJOR recognition to Autism. To do that I felt a meeting with our new President between now and Autism awareness month (April) is needed.

We need changes to the direction of the funding Autism is currently receiving. What I'm hoping that you can help me with is this:

1) Sent me all the stats you have, local especially and nationally too is fine. I need major talking points. I will be posting to our blog to kick this off.
2) If you known someone who knows someone who knows someone, that can get me an appointment... help.
3) If YOU could talk to the President about Autism what would you say?
4) Anything else you think this meeting needs to be or how to make it happen.



Round Belly said...

Start by talking with your local congress people. They usually have offices in cities.

But I agree, autism needs some stronger national recognition. And I am glad you are taking the fight- I'm too busy keeping my autistic child on schedule to do too much :)

Dadof6Autistickids said...


Not to diminish your efforts for your Autistic child... however all parents need to advocate for the cause. If we don't no one will do it for us.

We could have sat back and did nothing. No blog, no website, no t-shirts, no radio, TV, magazines or newspapers.

But we are just getting started.

My state reps know me. I've met our governor, mayor and one of our senators. We have 3 schools our children go to. We help out at the Autism school. We could have taken the easy, stay at home route but we must have an extraordinary effort to get some extraordinary results.

Now we do have down days and even down weeks sometimes. Dealing with 6 Autistic kids will do that to you sometimes. ;)

Autism is just starting to receive the attention it needs. We need to press forward and not let up until our children are receiving the education, funding, nutrition and attention to deserve.

Jenny said...

So do you have your kids on biomedical treatments of any kind? I am just curious. My son has been on the gluten free casein free soy free diet for 4 years and it really helps him, but is no miracle cure. We haven't done any of the other biomeds because they are just not affordable since they are not covered by insurance or medicaid and we have no dr to guide us in a direction(also not covered by insurance and medicaid).