Sunday, June 14, 2009

Life on the Road

This is just the second time I've been home since May 28th when I started my final "on the road" training to be a truck driver of a 74' tractor and trailer. I've been to WI, MI, IN, UT and CA, then of course through the states in between. Two things have been the hardest so far: trying to sleep on the bed in the sleeper of a moving truck as it bounces along the Interstate roads and getting a sore butt while driving for 9 - 10 hours straight.

Two more weeks and I'll be assigned my own truck and I'll be able to better establish a routine for me and my family.



Amnesty said...

My husband just applied for the same company! I told him I thought it sounded familiar, and sure enough, it's the same one!

Kelly Yates-Rice said...

All the best John. Safe travels.

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid before about 1992, my dad was a truck driver for a few different companies delivering different stuff like meat, etc. All three of us kids (Travis, Chastidy, and I) enjoyed riding along with our dad on the semi-truck going different places across the U.S. My dad and I went to IA,NE,MO,KS,OK,TX,LA,AR,TN,KY,IL,IN,and WI. My dad told me that Travis went mainly to places out East and Chastidy didn't like to ride with my dad for no reason. I heard my grandma said that my dad got fired from most of his trucking jobs mainly for his mouth. My stepdad worked for a trucking company that really wasn't a good business at all or something like that. I've been to most of the Western states with my mom and stepdad since my dad quit trucking and it was fun to see mountains and the ocean. My dad suffered a brain injury from a bar fight in 1993 and he almost died from it. My dad will never truck again because of that injury and seizures. Truck drivers will always bring America with supplies and dignity until the end of time. God Bless The Truckers!

Jared Alexander