Monday, December 14, 2009

Autism x 6 Dad Working to Win a Smart Car

A few months back I became a distributor for MonaVie.

My website

Company Awards received: Inc 500 #1 Inc 500 #14 Inc 500 #31
MonaVie takes top honors for Utah growth

I discovered that they had a contest running each month until the end of December. The Grand Prize? A Smart car with a pretty cool paint job.

After six weeks of working on this YouTube entry (click here to watch) my video is: E and the MonaVie Girls. The person who gets the most views each month has the chance to go for the car in January. When I get the most views then, the car is mine!

But I need everyone and their friends, on FaceBook, MySpace, blogs, groups, etc. to tell ALL their friends and their friends, etc. to pull this off. I'd appreciate your help. Thanks!!



Fighting for my Children said...

I watched it. Creative us of barbies btw.

One mom of 3 great kids and one fabulous husband said...

WOW! I just found your blog. We have three precious children. Caleb is 9 Aspergers, Lucas is 7 PDD-NOS and Chloe Olivia is formal DX yet do to lack of funds. Life is hard but we are very blessed. We would not have any other children in the world but we want the strength and wisdom to handle the gifts God has given us. Thank you for your blog......such a relief to know you can relate!!

katty said...

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