Monday, January 7, 2008

Dad Starts New Career - Voice Over Talent

For many, many years I've been told that I have a great sounding voice. Hear my voice here. (see link in lower right side)

When I around 19 I was part of a church youth group that was visiting a radio station. Our guide had each of us do a small recording to see what we sounded like. After listening to mine he said I should look into being on the radio.

At another youth group meeting we were going to be singing Christmas carols to seniors at a nursing home. We needed a piano and the leader said there was a older woman downstairs in his apartment complex that said we could use hers. So we were soon gathered around trying our best to be ready to entertain later that night. The woman, who looked 90, was listening closely. When we were getting ready to leave she took me aside and said that I had a terrific bass voice that reminded her of a famous bass she knew when she was young. She suggested that I take lesson to use my talent.

I thanked her for her kind comments and left with my group. When we got back to our leaders place he asked me, "Do you know who she (the old lady) is?" I didn't. "She's (I forgot the name), she was a very well known soprano opera singer in the 1930's" He also went on to relate that she was THE main act at Carnegie Hall several times. "She KNOWS what she's talking about, she gave you a great compliment."

Then I've had friends and aquantices over the years tell me similar things. At church the Sunday school teacher always wants me to read the scripture verses. "I just love the sound of your voice" is her typical excuse. I don't mind, I love the compliments and I agree. I too like the sound of my voice.

But, until last August I never did anything about it. I checked into singing lessons or voice over training in the past but the costs were always more then I could afford. However, with our family needs and the help that Mom needs with the children I felt the time was right for some changes. I found a company, Such A Voice, that I could finally afford the basic package, on the Internet.

So, I'm now ready to embark on this new career. Currently I'm still looking for a regular J.O.B. to fill our basic needs until I can do this full time. I'm looking forward to getting the equipment needed to have a in-home studio (when I can put aside $700). This will give me the flexibility to earn a living, have true fun doing it and be here for my wife and kids. Got a need for a great bass voice? Email me at: autism_bites at yahoo dot com. Thanks!



Anonymous said...

That is awesome!!!
All anyone has ever said to me is that I have the face for radio.
Face...for radio...

Manfred said...

I have one 18 yr. old with mild Asperger's and it has been quite an ordeal. It's good to see you getting the word out about the spectrum of autism. Hope everything goes well with work - always a challenge. Only saw part of the GMA segment. My boy started feeling different in fifth grade and reached his threshold of tolerance in ninth when he crashed. He was in the psych ward for a week. Meanwhile we pretty well figured out the diagnosis ourselves and after him having some bad drug experiences got him on Lamictal to which he responded well almost immediately. He is now slowly finishing the end of his junior year in his senior year. I have faith he'll finish high school, but not in my timing. I have found, after many mistakes, that patience works best.

Much Love,

Brenda said...

I just listened to your GMA interview and that is exactly what I was thinking! Your voice should be used to help your family--what a gift!

Heidi H. said...

I have two children. Both have Asperger's. They are my only two children. One boy one girl. They have different biological fathers. None of whom have any autistic disorders. And they say if you have 1 child with the disorder it's only a 15% chance of another sibling having it. I have two siblings, opposite sex, different fathers. I know partly what you are going through. The schools, teachers, people starring, saying mean things. They have no clue what we go through. I even had one of my son's case managers (cuz he has an IEP) tell me he has something against him "he looks normal so people expect him to act normal". That really made me think. And its so pathetic that yeah, I think she's right. My son was diagnosed in early 7th grade, my daughter, end of her 4th grade year. I could go on and on but I'd fill your comment page. It's nice to know there are people out there that know what it is like and what we have to go through. My two are a handful, I don't know how you do it with six. But I agree with you, they are truely a blessing.

Anonymous said...

You think that putting aside $700 will get you the sort of studio that will output a professional voice over product? Get serious!

You should do some industry research and get factual insight and information on this 'new' career you've set your sights on.

Knana said...

God Bless all of you. I can't remember the verse from the Bible but when I get home from work (yes work) I will find it and send it but anyway a missonary came to church and was talking about what God said. " To multiply the Earth". Thats having children so they can grow and spread His word. God loves His children they are a joy to Him.So have as many children people as God wants you to have. You can tell by reading the Bible how much we mean to Him. I'll write later have some questions about my 3 yearold grandson.