Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Thanks to Our Many Sub Santa's

This was the best Christmas our children have ever had (and Mom and Dad did pretty good too) as you can see from this picture around our 'tree'. To explain the tree, we haven't been able to have a regular tree for at least 3 years now because Ammon (4) and Sarah (6) lose the ornaments, strip off the lights and knock over the tree. A nice friend from church painted the 'tree' you see.
Our Santa subs were our state, Division of Service for People with Disabilities. Another was a Credit Union, a car dealership and an individual family. The family's help, spearheaded by a Mom and daughter team (Rhonda and Lacey) just went crazy doing and giving for us. It didn't all start at once, but it just snowballed and hit us right at Christmas.
We have been blessed and we pray for God's blessings to be upon all those who brought us so much joy and the spirit of receiving at the end of this very heart wrenching and tiring year.
Dad and Mom


Anonymous said...

Very glad you had a blessed Christmas. Our little ASD angel got it this year AND had the hand strength to rip most wrapping off of presents. Little victories...

Twilightmomma (Tracy) said...

I am sitting here bawling my eyes out! This is just AWESOME! The love that your family recv'd is just a glimpse of the great love God has for us all. I am glad your family had a wonderful Christmas.