Saturday, March 1, 2008

Our David Archuleta and American Idol Connection

If any of you watch American Idol like we do, you've probably noticed the great voice of David Archuleta. At our home he is our choice for going all the way.

Our connection?

David and his family live just about 3 blocks from our house. Bobby, our 14 yr old, is in the same Boy Scout troop as David's younger brother. You've probably noticed that on America Idol they say David is from Murray, Utah. If you've seen our People magazine article is says we live in Murray, Utah (a suburb on Salt Lake City).

We've seen their family at Boy Scout functions and church as well. In fact, Robin, about a year and a half ago heard him perform a hymn at a church event. She said he had the voice of an angel and was pretty much swooning in the pew. Afterwards she approached the then 15 year old David and told him he is an INCREDIBLE singer and has one of the most beautiful voices she has ever heard. He then smiled his now well known sweet, boyish and slightly shy smile.

She said she's an aspiring screen writer and she would love to have him sing in her movies and would he be interested. He expressed some interest, so he gave her an email address to keep in touch. When she heard that he was going to be on Amercian Idol, she was very exited. She's watching the show now just to hear David, and watch him win it ALL. She still hasn't used David's email, and probably won't use it more than once now--just to wish him well. She says she probably won't be able to afford him now that he's already a super star. Have you noticed how the girls go CRAZY when that boy hits the stage?! Wow, this kid's amazing. Don't forget to vote for our boy David Archuleta!

What's next for us? Another busy week. On Monday. we have a film crew from Inside Edition coming. Then. our documentary film crew is here from Thursday to Saturday. Filming will not be complete until May. Our hour long story on Discovery Health will premiere in October of this year.



Graves said...

Thanks for the update. If you guys post a 2-3 times a week it will really help your site traffic and keep people from losing interest. We are interested in your day to day life- and of course photos or other personalized items. Even if it is just "mess of the day" or something.

I know it is hard with everything else going on, but you can make this thing a lot bigger by doing regular blog updates.

It will be worth it!

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One who picked up the fork said...

That's so cool. I've been voting for David. Have you noticed that any of your child enjoy singing? My Corbin does, in fact I rhink he talks to himself for comfort.

Ryan & Andie said...

Is he in your ward? He is a local favorite here in Minnesota. I swear I am the last person on the planet who doesn't watch American Idol, but everyone says he is awesome.

Anonymous said...

how is having 6 autistic children SPECIAL? are you proud of that? i'm sure #7 will be arriving any day now right because that will make everything easier?

Anonymous said...

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W.Y.Alison said...
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