Friday, January 23, 2009

Our BIG Autism Day

Yesterday we met with one of the social workers at Ammon and Mary's Autism school. They called the meeting to go over a STRESS survey. We were concerned and wanted to make sure we did not miss the appointment. We had run ins with social workers in the past. But all was well and we were told that we were doing a good job in spite of having our 6 ASD pumpkins. Whew!

That was at 9am. At 11am there was a press conference at our state capitol building. Another mom of Autism that we know, got a Senate sponsor for a bill to get insurance companies to cover Autism treatments. I went to offer my support and was able to get the reporter who did our GMA followup story at the local ABC channel to talk with us (click on Autism story).

During that time Robin stayed at the children's school to help Ammon's teacher who was short staffed. She caught a ride home on their bus. The coordinating of getting Bobby over to church for a special youth meeting. Calling the school for Emma and Nephi to meet me out front instead of walking home. Getting a call from the bus assistant for Sarah to have the bus bring her back to the school (they were in front of the house) so I could get her Emma and Nephi into the car and rush to the bus stop where Mom, Ammon and Mary were waiting to be picked up. Pant! Pant!

Later in the evening I left at 6:15pm to go to a speaking event with Temple Grandin at the Salt Lake City Library, about 25 minutes drive. But, I got there early enough to get a good seat. Afterwards she signed books. I gave her a copy of the People magazine with our article and a DVD of our Discovery Health documentary. She said she had not heard of our family yet. Dang, I've got to do a better marketing job! LOL

At 10:05pm I got a call from my 26 yr old son (first marriage) to ask what I was doing to be on the news that day.

Most days aren't this busy, but it's getting to be more and more each month.


BlogStalker said...

you are doing a GREAT job spreading awareness. Thank you for what you are doing, maybe the rest of us will have less unpleasant visits from social workers because of it. There is nothing like having a total stranger at your door without any knowledge who has the authority to judge you and tear your family apart. Hopefully those incidences will become much fewer thanks to your documentary and your willingness to put your story out there.


rimalicious said...

sounds like a pretty typical day to me .... :)

furious said...

Hi! I have been reading your blog for a while, I have 2 hf autistic kids, I was wondering if you could post your myspace addy?

Utah Autism Coalition said...

Jon, we were so grateful to have you up at the Capitol with your sign supporting Clay's Law! Obviously by you being there, we were able to get more coverage in the press. THANK YOU!!! We are so fortunate to have your support.