Saturday, January 3, 2009

Resolutions, Promises and a few Fibs

Well 2008 was certainly a banner year as far as media attention for the Kirton's of Utah. We know of only an additional documentary on the Discovery Health channel this January, as we've been told.

I have recently set up an account on Twitter (, we've had our YouTube channel since April 2007, Facebook and MySpace as well. And we're joining many other various groups and social websites to get more of our presence out there.

My goal is to stay on top of all these outlets and make more of an impact on Autism awareness and acceptance. If I get into a few verbal tussles with ignorant or mean people along the way - so be it. I'll try to be as nice as possible, however when someone comes along with some 'out there' comments... well this Daddy will not roll over and play dead.

Dads are the protectors and providers. I take that role seriously and I hope to have other parents of Autistic children, especially the Dads, help in that cause. Lurking on websites/blogs and standing back in the shadows may be fine for NT parents. If we are to have support, services and other needed things for our children we need to be out front.

Your state and national reps should know who you are. This past year I've met with our city Mayor, the Governor and one of our Senators. I plan to do more. To have the time and finances to do all this, my new website: will need to be successful, I feel it will be. I hope some readers here will be a part of those efforts, but that will be your choice.

But, however we choose to further the cause of Autism awareness, sitting back and watching someone else do it all--is not an option. In my opinion.

So what are the resolutions, promises and a few fibs? I resolve to do a better job on this blog and promise to do so. If I don't hit those goals? Well, that where the few fibs come in. :)



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

John, Love your enthusiasm. i think we are cut from the same cloth. I'd like to hear more about your initiatives and help you scatter them nationally. You are right, we can not stand in the back. We need to provide a strong, unified front!!

autismfamily said...

Nice post, good goals for 2009. Glad you joined twitter and looking forward to hearing your future podcast at

Mel said...

I love that there is more of an awareness of the ASD I hope it continues to grow, as the need is great.

hellokittiemama said...

:) Yay Mr. Dad!

So, how's 2009 going so far????

Ours has definitely gotten started with a bang!

BlogStalker said...

I appreciate your willingness to participate in the documentary and write the blog; I know you and your family have taken an awful lot of hits from some very judgmental people. I dare them to spend one day in your shoes. I think you guys are awesome. Shamefully, I watched your family on tv and then was very grateful for my own position. I think the awareness you have spread has been so vital to a much greater acceptance of austism towards which we are all striving. THANK YOU!!!!

Chef Penny said...

Great goal! I agree that awareness needs to be raised. May God bless your efforts this year!

Dadof6Autistickids said...

Thanks to all! And 'stalker' THANK YOU!!

furious said...

can you post the address of your myspace, I would love to add you. This is my first message to you because I didnt have any of the accounts I needed to post messages. I just got g-mail. I dont know how you do it. I have trouble with 2 hf autistic kids sometimes. Thanks for sharing your story. :)