Sunday, April 26, 2009

Chicago Police Officer Beat Autistic Teenager

Another story of an Autistic person not being understood. Two posts below this one is a link to a training video for police officers. Please post the HECK out of this link!

The boy in the above story sounds a lot like a 16 year old version of my Ammon (5). Like Ammon, he was watching cars drive by and when someone came up to him to see what he was up to, he ran off. That is EXACTLY what Ammon would have done.

Just because someone does not recognize a policeman's authority does not deserve a belt to the head needing EIGHT staples! I'm hoping that there is more to this story then some rogue policemen whacking teenage Autistic kids.

I LOVE my children with Autism, and do not want to change them just to make ME feel better. It's stories like these that make me want to find that elusive 'Autism Cure' so they will better understand the world.


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Emma said...

I almost threw up when I heard about this : At a permanent residency in Texas the staff forced the residents, all with various disabilities, into a fight club, took video of this, in which they can be heard cackling and egging them on. I just don't understand how people can act this way... At one point they show a man with DS sitting on the ground checking his lips for blood because he's been hurt. And they laugh.

There is video footage on youtube, but I don't recommend watching it. It's disgusting and sad and simply incroyable...