Monday, April 13, 2009

New Law Enforcement and Autism Training Video

Last week Robin and I attended the Autism Council of Utah (ACU) It was the second I had been to and it is always well attended by various state agencies, other public and private groups and parents.

One of the highlights was the showing of a DVD geared toward Law Enforcement and Autism. SaharaCares developed the video that can be used to train police officers on how to recognize signs of Autism, and gives constructive suggestions for dealing with people that have Autism.

I hope that this can go out to police departments all over the country. Too often we heard of some Autistic person having a bad experience in this area. After watching the video tell me if you too teared up like I did.

The website link with video, click here



Maren said...

Thanks John for your honest thoughts and opinions. I too agree that our government needs to step up and take some action regarding autism

susan said...

I know this is not on topic but I don't how to work blogs. I just watched an interview on CNBC's Squawk Box. The CEO's of Home Depot were on. The one, whose name is Paul something, was wearing an autism pen.
Does he know about you and your need for a "differently" built home?

DES said...

My computers too slow to watch the vid, but I bookmarked it to watch on someone else's. Sounds like a wonderful idea....and WELL needed! We've had encounters good and bad..would be appropriate for them to be informed of the 'signs' to better help them NOT worsen the problem. Thanks for sharing!

Dadof6Autistickids said...

I found the program you mentioned. It was the Co-Founder of Home Depot, Bernard Marcus, he was wearing an 'Autism Speaks' lapel pin. Unfortunately, we do not know him or believe that he may be aware of us. Thanks.