Saturday, September 8, 2007

The AutismBites Foundation

We feel that there is a BIG gap in the fund raising and grants/rewards area within the Autism community.

The Autism Society of America has much of the usual fund raising for research and rewards, etc. Others, Talk About Curing Autism, Generation Rescue, Autism One, Schafer Autism Report, Safe Minds, and Treating Autism advocate the use of various treatments, finding the right doctor(s), reading various books, getting on their newsletter/email list, subscribing to their reports, etc. etc. etc. (NOTE: If I missed your group, let me know).

Then the 'walk-a-thon', celebrity and fund raising champion, Autism Speaks, that has money for research and other various projects.

I'm not saying that any of these organization aren't providing a needed service in their area of focus or interest. Or that they don't provide a LOT of useful information and resources...

But, here's the gap:

What about poor Mom and Dad trying to PAY for these interventions and treatments, trips to the Dr. (that many insurances don't pay for), books, special clothing and/or alterations, changes to the home and on and on. Try this... read that... try something else... read just one more book that will hopeful tell you exactly what is the right thing for YOUR child. I don't know about many of you, but just trying to organize the information of each of our six (going to Office Max again, honey!) has put a serious crimp in our budget.

Now, if I've gotten it wrong or missed something important about an organization, PLEASE straighten me out. That's fine... I'm no expert on any one group. That is except my group of six here at home (still working on the expert part).

So, what about The AutismBites Foundation? It's primary purpose is to provide funds... MONEY... cash-in-hand... to parents. For whatever THEY feel their child(ren) needs. All without a bunch of rules, criteria and layers and layers of committees and approvals needed. Our idea is to take application letters and then to give funds on a first-come, most-needs basis. And if we have a lot of money to grant we can be more generous. If the letter brings a tear to our eye, that will help. ; )

So, if you are able, please click the link to the right. And also if you belong to a large and giving company, ask the CFO to click our link. We will be keeping our overhead low and fund giving high.

Please forward this blog to all friends, rich uncles, the rich and famous, Bill Gates types you know that want to really make a difference to families of Autism.


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Sean said...

I know exactly what you mean. Right now we are just working day to day with our one on the severe end of the spectrum. Most days lately have been good. Luckily we don't have to pay anything out of pocket for normal medical services. It is the additional things that we do have to pay for. It can all add up. I wish you all the best.

Keep up the hard work and give em lots of love.