Thursday, September 27, 2007

Time to go to school and play!

Today, I had a meeting with Sarah and Mary's teacher at their autism school. Sarah is 5 w/classic autism, and Mary is 2 w/PDD, they're also in the same class in the morning preschool that meets for 3 hours three mornings a week. I told the children that we're going in the car to school today, and we're going to play at school.

Once there, Ammon went to his regular class, and the girls and I met in their classroom with the teacher. The children didn't need to be there, but since I had no child care, they were there. I found out that Mary is developmentally around the level of a 2 year old old, a young two year old, and in a couple of things a little younger than a 2 year old--she's just a few months shy of 3. So, that was quite encouraging. When they talked of the results of Sarah's developmental testing, she's mostly equivalent to a toddler, 18 months, and emotionally she's about 8 months old. Actually, that sounds about right. So I'm wondering why I'm feeling kind of bummed out about it...I guess hearing it kind of made it more real, and kind of disappointing. And, I am getting very tired of her taking off her clothes and diaper all the time. She didn't do that for a while, then started doing it again constantly sometime within the last several months. The same goes for her public screaming, I can't been able to take her to the store lately because it's been so out of control. She's still good at our favorite hamburger joint with the play land though.

Well, I can focus on the disappointment, or I can focus on the positive. After all, she's made AMAZING progress nonetheless. I mean, she used to be more developmentally delayed. And, she's saying a lot more words, and is thriving with the Picture Exchange System. One of her former preschool teachers from our school district was visiting the school and observed Sarah and was delighted and amazed at how well Sarah is doing, how she's talking so much more.

Sarah was all over the room. She likes the new Pampers Cruisers diapers because they have the Sesame Street characters on the front that she likes so much, especially Elmo. She saw a package of them and tore them open and kept taking the diapers and carrying them around smiling. Last night, she slept with one from home that had Elmo on it. Those are the BEST diapers, are stretchy, fit well and hold "it" in real well. Anyhow, Sarah kept trying to get into the fish in the little fish tank--she loves fish. She says "Fih" and makes the fish moving his mouth in the water sound. She also kept getting into her reward box and chomping on the snacks in there, and shared them with her sister. Mary kept running water, playing in it, drinking it, pouring it into another cup, etc. They spilled water and left crumbs all over, just like home...



Shanie said...

While I'm sure this is easier to say than feel, don't be discouraged! I teach students on the severe end of the spectrum, ages 14-17 at a public special education center. While I don't see the "baby steps" thoughout the year, I am always amazed at how far they have come by June. Likewise, I am typically the next class after my co-worker's (she teaches the younger kids) and I remember what they were like in her room and am amazed at how far they have come by the time they reach me. It's always nice to be surprised!

Angela said...

Big hug, keep strong x

VeiledGlory said...

Ahhh...the water play for Mary is about right for her age. I worked in a Montessori classroom where this was encouraged behavior.


jordana said...

I know exactly how you feel. I dread IEP meetings and having it laid out in black and white how behind your child is is like taking a punch in the gut. I tend to forget how "weird" my little guy is until I'm around someones typical child. My other son is 2 1/2 and has already surpassed my 6 year old in all areas of development. it can be very hard sometimes.