Friday, September 14, 2007

I'm The Busiest Mom !!!

I just spent nearly the last hour working on my latest entry. I talked of how it's been having my three youngest children in school the last three weeks at the Carmen D. Pingree School in Salt Lake City. It's a private school for autistic children and I bragged kind of extensively how great the school is.

During that time, my daughter Sarah, 5, came home from afternoon kindergarten at the local elementary school--she attends Pingree three mornings a week. She took off her clothes, but left her diaper on while she hung out on my and my husband John's bed, one of her favorite places to be and bounce on, especially while Mom's on the computer. I soon smelled an odor...Sarah had taken off her dirty diaper, and skid her back side on the bed. Unhappily, I went and changed her and put on a one piece outfit--that should have taken care of the problem for the time being...But, Mary, 2, needed a diaper change too.

So, after I took care of her, Sarah wasn't in sight and very quiet, I then yelled "Sarah!!!" Sarah ran off from the computer where she had just gotten rid of everything I wrote, then sat down on the bed in the SAME place she messed it up minutes ago and got herself dirty and stinky all over again! I cleaned her up again and told the older and higher functioning kids who, thank the Lord, just got home to take her outside to play NOW.

Well, I'm too tired and short of time to rewrite my entry now. Maybe later....

Hey, I've got GREAT news, I'm officially the "Busiest Mom", the Beamis Manufacturing Company said so! For, my beloved husband John wrote and submitted an essay to the Busy Mom contest they held recently, and I just received a call today that I am the grand prize winner.

They left some messages on my phone asking me to call them to "take care of some paperwork", and when I called back, they put me on speaker phone, told me that I actually won, and a handful of friendly folks congratulated me!!! It took me a moment to react, I mean, it was such awesome news that I was a bit in flattered disbelief. But, it soon sunk in, and I said thank you several times.

They have given me a very generous package of services that I could really use, but it's interesting how the thing I got the most excited about was free house cleaning service I think twice a month for a year, WOWEEEEEEE!!!!! When I had half the amount of kids I have now, I used to keep such a clean house. But now, my ability to keep order has totally gone to hell. I know putting it in those terms sounds strong, but you should see my house and you'll know what I'm talking about. I can't even clean when the little ones are home or awake because I get constantly interrupted and they make messes faster than I can clean, ahh!

So, thank you AGAIN from the bottom of my ADORING AND LOVING HEART, Beamis Corporation! I hear they have some really great easy to clean toilet seats.

Well, I have to go, I just heard the sound of glass breaking, grrrr..... A busy mom's work is NEVER done. (Thanks for telling us about it, Hannah, please comment).



VeiledGlory said...

So happy to hear you won some useful prizes!


Soni said...

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mom to max said...

oh wow...congratulations. all parents who have kids with autism could use a cleaning service. that sounds wonderful!

Casdok said...

Im sure you wouldnt rather have a dull life!

Dadof6Autistickids said...

Mom to Max - AMEN!!

Casdok - no rest for the wicked they say. Who as 'they' anyway?