Monday, May 19, 2008

Autistic Boy Banned From Church

Robin's mom sent us this story from Minnesota: Autistic Boy Banned From Church

I did not see a Dad in the story here, likely he removed himself from the family because of the son, we hear of this a lot. Makes me mad and sad that Dads don't stick around. I hope that this is not the situation for this family and that they just didn't get Dad on camera.

We take ALL the children to our church. Ammon and Sarah go to a 'special needs' Sunday school class along with another boy who is Autistic. Mary used to go as well, but has adjusted and is now able to attend classes with other 3 year olds.

However, when it is time for the sacrament or congregational meeting we swap off taking the 3 youngest back home while the other parent attends with the 3 oldest. Just another in life's challenges for parents of children with Autism.

(BTW: where are the 4 people, see the poll, that have said they will watch our children so we can post more often? ; )



W.Y.Alison said...
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Round Belly said...

I can't believe a church would be that narrow minded. Any one who claims to follow Christ- the man who ate with tax collectors, taught the unsavory and died between the robbers- would do that to someone who is so obviously different.

I can't pretend church is easy with our autistic 9 year old, but this is extreme. After his diagnosis I have never had anything but sympathy and compassion for my kid's issues.

Anyways, this article makes me almost ashamed to call myself a Minnesotan. What a huge shame.

Stephanie said...

We do the same with ours. My hubby and I take turns going to sacrament. Sometimes we just all stay out in the foyer, but it's hard because you feel like you never know what is going on in the ward. Not to mention the kids who always forget the announcements in YW/YM and scouts, primary, etc. I'm sure you know what I mean. :) Glad I'm not the only one!
Good Luck!
Stephanie McBride

Mom26children said...

Hi John,
If you read the stories, even the one you posted on Autism Speaks, the article mentions "parents". I assume that means the mom and dad.
I think the father is very much in the picture, he is probably not as vocal as the mother.
Hope all is well.