Sunday, May 4, 2008

Givers and Receivers

My step-mom, Marie, and I were having a discussion a few weeks ago. I was lamenting that we have been getting or receiving a lot these past few months and that we haven't been able to give as much as we would like to. She pointed out that we do have a lot to take care of and that our time and especially resources are very limited. True, true I said but it bothers me to be what I call a 'sponge'. Then she said something was very profound:

If there were no receivers... there could be no givers.

Yep, she's right. We give what we can and we want to do more, but there must be both. In fact, a bit over a month ago we were contacted by the Arc of Utah. They had a volunteer group, University Health Care, that wanted to be 'givers'. They wanted to know if we would be the 'receivers' of a yard makeover and a living room painting party. We accepted. The Arc also wanted to know if we would be their speakers for an annual fund raising breakfast that is coming up at the end of this month. Now we could be 'givers' as well.

Yesterday we were part of Utah's first 'Walk Now for Autism'. As we were leaving to go to that, the volunteers from University Health Care were arriving to give our yard a makeover. After we were done with the Autism walk we were told to go to a local indoor play park for children. The ARC had made arrangements for us to play while they fixed up the yard and painted the living room and hallway. They also installed a swing set in the backyard and gave us two brand new bicycles for the children. What GREAT givers!!

Here are pictures of our day:

Thank you to everyone from The Arc, University Health Care and Lowe's.



Earp said...

Dear Kirton Family,

As one of the University Health Care staff who participated in this process, I have myself been a receiver at times, and on Saturday I had the chance to give just a tiny little bit. It was a wonderful experience. I was able to bring my two year old daughter and teach her by example about service to others, and giving. (She loved playing on your swing set after we'd set it up, by the way.)

I just wanted to say this: you give every day by taking care of your six autistic children. You are NOT sponges. How anyone can handle six autistic children is beyond me. In all of your daily giving, sometimes you can use a little help. You deal with these challenges every day, and as a parent, I know that you sacrifice much, much more than I do with my one healthy child. When I told my wife about your six autistic children, she opined, "God must really trust them."

Don't ever feel like you are sponges because you are the givers.

Dadof6Autistickids said...

Thanks Earp,

We do appreciate comments like yours. It helps us to know that we are doing some good as well.

Regarding the poll question:

I can appreciate that most people would come to the blog more if we post more. Well, I feel that without SOME comments that I'm just talking to myself with the posts. Blogs, at least this blog, should be a little more two-way. I'd like to see a little less lurking and more commenting please. Thanks!

holmanstuntz said...

I am so grateful that my heart is smiling from within that others have begun to realize the need, and offered support to your family!

~Miss Nelson said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Latte-n-Libre said...

I strongly believe to every time there is a season. Right now, your time is to receive and you will enter another time in your life and God will open up the doors where you will be the giver.

Please don't be naive though, you are being a tremendous giver right now. You have given up your privacy in national media outlets to make others aware of autism, the effects on the child(ren) and the effects on the entire family unit. I personally thank you for that.

I think so many in society still don't get it and just because you look like you fit into "societal norms" doesn't mean there can't be something wrong and instead of judging, offer help or lift the family up in prayer.

just my 2¢