Tuesday, May 27, 2008

To Poll or not to Poll

Even though we realize our blogging shortcomings with our most recent poll (70% would come here more often if we blogged more often) we hope we don't lose any viewers/lurkers/commenters. The nice thing with the polls is that we can see how many people are actually coming to the blog. It's my assumption that nearly everyone will do the poll.

However, unless those five poll responders, who said they would watch our children so we can blog more, could actually help... we will just have to do the best we can and hope you still come by to see what we are up to.
Here is what our house looked like this morning:

This is our bedroom, that high back chair is where I'm sitting right now typing this blog.

Here is the 3 youngest children's room, this is a GOOD day.

The living room. The kitchen.

And the older boys room:
It doesn't always look this bad, some days it's even worse! So I'm sorry to not be able to honor the poll results as well as I would like, but it's OK because we are doing the best that we can. Hope you can understand that.


Dadof6Autistickids said...

Great, 3 more people answer the poll AFTER this post and no comments. Feels like I'm talking to myself. Done with this poll...

Pandora said...
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Pandora said...

Hello dadof6autistickids! I think I was one of the three people.

My excuse is I was short on time earlier. I am the mother of three sons all on the spectrum. My husband is visually impaired to the point of being unable to drive.

I have visited your site before but it has been a long while. I stopped by today to see how things were going for you here.

We struggle with finances and housekeeping too. Our home was built in the early 60's and is in need of major repairs.

I am endlessly on the road driving the twins to therapy four days a week and school. Then there are all the other seemingly endless appointments. They visit their psych doc once a month to monitor their meds. My husband also has many medical appointments which I must drive him to also.

I understand CHAOS and stress.

Peace be with you.

michelle hays said...

wow. and to think that today I was sulking cuz my two and a half year old doesnt know how to use a crayon. Looks like you got your hands full. You could use some help, huh? Id like to learn how to interact with autistic children. I would love to help, though my little one is keeping me busy... but you guys would laugh at what I call "busy"

E said...

I have to say I'm guilty as well of not coming on much as well. I do check my blog sites regularly, but I'm just starting to post something on the three I have. I think I sent a link of this site to my girlfriend to read because she can use the connection to others going through the trials of having a loved one that is autistic and trying to deal with everything else in life we have to deal with.