Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Autism and AutismBites Polls

I don't know about the visitors to this blog, but I like the polls we can put up here. I've noticed that A LOT more people will anonymously answer a poll question then will comment to the posts. That's good, because I can find out more about our visitors as a whole... especially the shy ones. Now for historical value here is a post of the past polls:

What is the greatest need for the Autism community?

More funding for research 223 (25%)
National funding for 8 hours daily of ABA for each ASD child 352 (39%)
Funding for families financially devastated by Autism (i.e. AutismBites Foundation) 520 (58%)
Total Votes: 883

My notes: This is exactly what I thought and was very glad to see that I was not alone. Our total votes were VERY high because I put up this poll right when our Good Morning America story came out, sure wish we could get those numbers again. Research is good, however day to day needs of families is where the greatest need is felt. ABA for children was high as well, but not as high as I thought it might have been. From every thing I heard and experienced its the best education were have available so far, it just COSTS SO DARN MUCH!! Next poll:

Why Do You Like AutismBites T-shirts?

They are cute 45 (43%)
Says what I feel 49 (47%)
Increases tolerance 42 (40%)
People are nicer to my child 17 (16%)

Total Votes: 104

My notes: Now I was somewhat surprised with the results on this one. We have found that NT people ARE nicer and more tolerant of our children when wearing their t-shirts. Most did not find this too be the case it looks like unfortunately. But hey! If it 'says what you feel' and our most popular shirt is: I'm Autistic, what's your excuse'... great. We are filling a need and that is what we hoped to do with the t-shirts.

I will try hard to keep at least one poll going at any given time. If you have a subject or question you would like to see let us know here or email us at: Later...


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Tricia (Zach's mom) said...

I voted just as much either way. I love the information that you supply on your website, no matter how often or infrequently it changes. I figure if you post a lot that things are either really good and you want to share or really bad and you need some support. If you aren't posting as much I figure you are having a bad time and you need to focus on that or maybe a extremely bad time and either don't want to or don't have the time to share. I appreciate everything you have done and are doing for Autism Awareness, Family Awarness, Community Awarenss, and just plan People Awareness. You all just rock my world. Thank you.