Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Walking For Autism

Our family will be a part of the "Walk Now For Autism" event here in Utah on May 3, 2008. This is our AutismBites donation page if you'd like to support our efforts.

Where have we been otherwise? Just being Mom and Dad to the six pumpkins. Cleaning up (Mom was the lucky one this time) 12 oz. of Garlic Powder from the children's room (sorry no pics) and it still smells 3 days later. Going to school conferences last week and the IEP for Emma and Nephi this morning.

The biggest event the last few weeks has been starting the children in Sound Therapy treatments. Dorinne Davis of the Davis Center evaluated our children and make recommendations. They offer remedial and / or enhancement therapies that address challenges related to Autism, ADD, ADHD, APD, Apraxia, Dyslexia, Hyperlexia, Downs Syndrome, Williams Syndrome, learning disabilities, central auditory processing (CAPD), other minor learning / attention / focus related skills, and health and wellness issues.

Also last week I was interviewed by Dorinne on her monthly radio program on AutismOne.org. So we've been involved in doing the therapy which initially took over 2 hours a day for all the children, to now less then 10 minutes per child.

Keep those cards, letters and comments coming... Dad


Grandma Gerri said...
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Grandma Gerri said...

I'm glad you're all going to walk too. I'll see you there. Good times for a great cause.

sorry had to correct my spelling

Anonymous said...

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Tim & Sarah said...

Sounds like you've been busy. I cannot relate, I work for Special Ed, and have 4 girls. I admire you for all you do, and for the wonderful job you are doing with your children, and for Autism research.

Aspie Farmer said...

oh man...do I understand that completely with the garlic powder..my severely autistic son has botched up 5 vaccum cleaners with the paper pieces, black pepper, 15 lbs of whole wheat flour, 20 lbs of sugar and 10 lbs of cornmeal...plus two bottles of Mrs. Dash and an entire three pound can of Farmer Brothers Coffee...and a box of Raisin Bran in a 5 year time frame. Eggs have to be kept in a locked up cabinet because he smears eggs all over the linoleum and into my boots...never a dull moment...so please when you go and walk remember me and my son as you go...

must cut this short because I have to go get ready to vaccinate and brand calves today and do cow selection homework...LOL