Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Mayor Daniel Snarr Meets With Dad

Mayor Snarr of Murray, Utah (the city we live in) and I got together to talk about Autism. One of the first questions he asked was: "How do you and your wife do it?" I said with loving each other, being friends, looking at the positive, humor and a whole lot of prayers.

I also wanted to let the Mayor know about the 'Walk Now For Autism' event sponsored by Autism Speaks that is being held in his city on May 3, 2008. (NOTE: if you could support our family team we'd be very thankful).

Mayor Snarr is a very friendly and, I believe, humble man. He asked many questions about the children and how they are doing. When he asked about their school I was surprised to find out that the school Emma and Nephi go to holds a favorite place in his heart. It is a tradition on Valentines Day that Mayor Snarr rides his Harley Davidson motorcycle down the hallways of their school. The children are very excited, he relates, when he stops at each classroom where they sit on the motorcycle and beep the horn.
I asked Emma if she remembers some guy riding down the hallways. She smiled really big, "Yeah, it's cool. One of my friends got to sit on it". "Do you remember who he was? I asked. "He's the mayor" "Does the sound of the motorcycle hurt your ears?" "No" she said, "I like loud sounds. I don't even hold my ears when the fire alarm goes off." I learned something new with that.

I also wanted to let the Mayor know why we are involved in our family mission of media exposure:

1) increase the awareness and understanding of Autism.
2) help people to be more tolerant with Autistic people (i.e. how our AutismBites t-shirts help us with this)
3) jump start our efforts to create our AutismBites Foundation. That goal being to help put funds directly into parents hands for whatever, without a lot of red tape and hoops to jump through.

Why all the pictures? If you don't know by now that I like to be a little goofy, you do now. Plus Mayor Snarr said these are the kind of poses he does all the time. I think he's a little goofy too.


FYI, we will be joining Jenny McCarthy on CNN's Larry King Live tonight at 7PM MDT. Be sure to watch.


Kimm said...

Good luck on Larry King tonight!
We are so encouraged that Autism is getting the attention deserved. You know, we're still hoping to see you sharing your story soon on Trusera as well. We are really excited about the Autism community that is developing and the information being shared to help others:
Best wishes (knock them dead!!) -

E said...

I'm glad to see that you will be on Larry King Live with Jenny McCarthy tonight. I will be watching for sure.

~Mama Skates~ said...

oh, i can't wait! i don't have cable, but i've already asked someone to tape it for me....good luck!

*Jess* said...

I'm watching you guys right now!

Shanna Grimes said...

We are watching CNN now. Looking forward to seeing you guys!