Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Other Side of Larry King

I thought it would be interesting to show some of the 'other side' of the cameras from our interview with Larry King and Jenny McCarthy yesterday. We were very glad to have been included in the program and discussion. We were hoping to have had another question or two to answer, but hey... that's live TV I guess.

Here's the scene in front of our house and my gorgeous wife in the makeup chair.

We had a 'pre-interview' on Monday to help the program and Larry create the questions to ask while on the air. The one question we've received the most in the last few months is, "why did you continue to have children when you knew the first couple were Autistic." We didn't know. It has been brought out in other interviews and written in People magazine that ALL the children were born, THEN we got an 'observation evaluation' from Bobby's school. We did not have an official diagnosis until October/November of 2006. Mary, our sixth, was born in 2004. I asked specifically that they help us to clarify this point during the interview. Larry's question was worded badly and did not help to clear this up, but hey... that's live TV I guess.

Of course Robin's answer is how we feel about being parents of six children, regardless of the Autism. We love them, we are happy (yet challenged) to be their parents and we will continue to do our best to make their lives better.



Amanda said...

Very cool!
I really get irritated when people ask you about having more kids! I'm not trying to speak for you guys, but even if you did know about the autism it is your right to continue having children. And it implies that they are less desired because they have autism.

I hope no one from the schools asks you that. My response would be "Why did it take you so long to identify the warning signs in the kids." They are the professionals and I (who work for the school system with children with autism) believe the responsibility falls on them. Sadly, teachers are very underqualified to identify it. But, hopefully, that is beginning to change.

Your family and your efforts remain in my prayers.

(Sorry I had to delete it before. Typos really bug me! It's hard to type with a child in the bathtub and one on your leg! I'm sure you know what I mean!)

The Beaver Bunch said...

I saw the last 1/2 of the show, and Jenny seems pretty fired up about not only awareness, but possible causes. Glad autism is getting the recognition is needs and deserves!

*Jess* said...

I wish you guys could have had more time on the show as well, but I thought how Jenny and Jay Gordon handled Karp and the guy from the AAP was just great! So I guess it was hard to squeeze everything in one program.

I, too, thought Larry's question about having more children was worded very poorly. And I agree... its really no one's business how many or why you have the children you do! :)

Round Belly said...

I have a few article links here to help you prove the need for your non-profit.

Childhood Autism Linked To Substantial Loss Of Household Income


Autism: Out-of-pocket Expenses, Missed Income Opportunity Levy Double Burden On Families

like, we all actually need proof :)

Reanna said...

I have been following along on your blog and I think that you guys are an amazing family!
I have 3 kids who are 13, 4 and 2 and my oldest was just diagnosed with Asperger's this past September, at 13 years old.....obviously he had behavior and emotional issues since he was very little, but the diagnosis is new.
I feel so frustrated for you when people question why you would have more children after your kids were diagnosed. They are clearly not aware that many of our kids fly under the radar and develop their own coping skills....which makes it hard to identify until they are older. My son could hold it together at school and would have huge meltdowns when he was in the comfort of his home, so the school was not very helpful until I researched and had him evaluated on my own and then the school took notice and continued the process.

I find your family very inspiring....I have one child with autism and 2 "typical" toddlers and have challenges on a daily basis. Even if I had my son's diagnosis earlier, I would have chosen to have my 2 other children.

Stay strong and enjoy the are truly an inspiration!

Laura said...

You guys did a great job on Larry King, and you're an inspiration to me.

That having been said, I'm not sure why Jenny McCarthy has become the de facto spokesperson for autism. She has zero medical or scientific training. Yes, she's a parent and so too am I, but she doesn't represent me. And in my opinion she's setting autism and pediatric medicine backwards not forwards.

Pure and Sensible said...

I've been following your story and blog, as often as I can. Look at how God is using your trials for His glory. Remember God's Truth: Children are a blessing from the Lord.

Lord bless you!

Lori Murphy said...

Hi John & Robin, I missed the program but I sure you were great. I say when people ask you that stupid question about having more kids etc. you need to say to them that so far, they have not proven that autism is something kids are born with. I still think that it is something in their environment..I've been looking at pictures of Tristan and I can see the changes in his eyes(they kinda went blank) over the years, so how could you have known? Ya know?