Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another, another Day In Paradise

My profile mentions that around here something happens everyday, I'm just too tired, depressed, forgetful, busy to write EVERY day.

But I want more ego strokes from the blogging world, so I told myself today, "Self, you need to blog more often, be more fun (boring blogs bite) and more people will read your great and wonderful words of wisdom and insight".

"Huh?, did someone say something?" Can't even pay attention to myself...

Anyway... the day started early. Bzzzzz, its 5:30am, get your butt out of bed. I did last minute paper work and Mom got the girls ready. Today Mary and Sarah were to be evaluated to see if they could be accepted for pre-school at the Carmen B. Pingree school for Autistic children. Its just for 3 days a week for half days. But, it's the best we have here in Utah.

They were accepted for this fall!

What else happened? The gas was turned off per the notice on the door when Mom walked out. I mailed the payment late last week.

"Mom, did we get anything in the mail from the gas company?" "I think so... a couple of weeks I think." "Do you know where it is?" "I'm not sure." Hmmmmm...

Ammon's been perfecting his climbing skills.
And has been learning to scale the 4'x8' plywood sheet that blocks him from "Destroying" the kitchen. Today he saw, he scaled, he destroyed. An $8 bag of trail mix was in the middle of the floor along with the entire contents of the diaper bag. Remember he likes to shred? Got ALL the baby wipes. But, isn't he CUTE! He looks older, but he's just 3. Me? I'm somewhere between 50 and dead-on-my-feet.

Emma got a headache and barfed.

Mary "Goldilocks" has been imitating everybody and everything. This includes big brothers burp and fart sounds. Nice.

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