Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Our Day in Court, Part 1

Today is what we hope is the last appearance we have to make since we started our run in with the State of Utah. Since we had our children taken away for 2 weeks last fall we have had to do many things and have accomplished a lot.

Since that time we have: 1) Found out that ALL six of our children have some level of Autism -from classic to moderate Aspergers. 2) Had to make changes to our home to make it 'safe'. 3) Learn A LOT about what Autism is. 4) Created this blog to help us and hopefully other Autistic parents. 5) Start using Autism t-shirts on Sarah and Ammon whenever we go out of the house. 6) Be on a local 10:00pm news program. 7) Appear on the Sunday front page of our local paper. 8) Have two national magazines want to do our story, the one we decided on is here this week. 9) Get to know a lot of good folks.

There's a bunch more, but we've got things to do to get ready for court this afternoon...



mcewen said...

Is that living life in the fast lane or what!
Best wishes

kristina said...

Hope it goes all right, thinking of all you!