Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Got Gas?

We do now!

The notice saying it was turned back on, said we needed someone who is "qualified" to turn the valve on the meter. I can turn a wrench 90 degrees to the left. I'm qualified.

I turned the valve sloooowly (as suggested). No big WOOOOSSSSSH... the house was still there.

I AM qualified, by golly!

What else happened TODAY? Ammon stripped out of his overalls, Mom found him butt-nekked in his playpen with 3-4 blankets over himself. NO POOP! Dodged that nugget...whew. Gretchen, who the state pays to come over twice a week to help out, found his diaper among the toys strewn all over the bedroom.

Mom had to do some running around and dropped off Nephi (8) and Emma (9) at the Boys and Girls club. Emma got 'bored' and called soon after to be picked up. Nephi wanted to stay. Later when it was time to pick him up he was in the office. He had been playing Air Hockey and lost the game and his noodles (a meltdown).

Mom was invited to go to dinner with a friend she hadn't spent time with for quite awhile. I said yes, go have fun. I'll just stay home (sniff) and feed all the kids, by myself, while I light the pilot light of the water heater. And get a hot shower since two days ago (phew!).

There's more, but I got other things to do, see ya...


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