Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Call for AutismBites T-shirt Stories

Now that we have over 60 people who have bought a t-shirt or tote bag from our AutismBites t-shirt website, we'd like to hear your experiences with the shirts.

Since Ammon and Sarah have become our t-shirt models, life is a little bit more calm when we venture outside the home. The other day a t-shirt sure saved some embarrassment when we were at the local burger place. The children had finished eating and were wrecking havoc in the play area. Sarah, who is very stealthy and cunning, pounced upon a woman's drink two booths down from us. This unsuspecting woman's drink was right in front of her when Sarah did a quick 'grab and slurp'.

We offered quick apologies and got her a replacement drink. We're quite sure had Sarah not had on her AutismBites t-shirt the lady would have said more. We had noticed earlier that she had read Sarah's t-shirt when she 'Tigger' bounced past her table a few times.

That's a recent story from us, what's yours? Thanks!



Hannah said...

This is totally unrelated but I found a contest online that is perfect for you guys:

You're bound to win! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I love your t-shirt! :)

Anonymous said...

I had a young man run up to me in a truck stop mart and grab the beverage from my hand and consume it! He was a teenager. His caregiver was right behind him but he was too quick for her.

I simply handed him my drink and selected a new one. The whole place was watching this play out. The caregiver offered to buy me a beverage but I declined. I said something about the need for a man to slake his thirst and the whole store laughed gently.

It was obvious to me he was a non verbal Autistic. The caregiver confirmed this.

I did not tell the caregiver that I am an Aspie.

I wished them a blessed day and G-d Speed and went on with my trip. I hope the other travelers in that small town who saw this tableau learned a visual lesson in keeping a cool head and being gentle with others.


Sandy said...

Hello! I just finished reading your story in People magazine. I do not have an autistic child but I imagine your life is very inspiring for those families in a similar situation. Your children are very fortunate to have such warm, loving and compassionate parents!