Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hand Sanitizer Can Poison Your Children

I recently came across these stories that tell of the dangers that could happen when using alcohol-based gel hand cleaners. Story 1 Story 2

Our Autistic pumpkins pick up lots of disgusting stuff, especially the 3 littlest. We were always worried that something could happen just like what is told in these situations. But, we constantly clean their hands and the alcohol in the gel cleaners would dry out their little hands and make them red and raw.

Robin was telling me that one the the aides at our preschoolers class was practically crying, when she used a gel cleaner just yesterday. She was always needing to clean up between the children and lessons. Her hands were cracked and the alcohol made her hands sting something terrible.

We found this hand sanitizer that has NO ALCOHOL, actually softens your hands, cleans hands as well or better as the gel, has about 4 times the pumps as the other stuff and the best part? It puts a germ protecting barrier on the hands that lasts about 3 to 4 hours. And it smells good.

We use it all the time now and I liked it so much that I have my own web page that sells it.

PureWorks Antibacterial Foam/Lotion/Soap (the phone # is not current) Also click on the "View The Product Tour!" link, it will be a short video.

Yes, BEWARE when you buy a bottle from my page I'll make about a dollar. But, what do the huge company's make on these alcohol gel products that could be dangerous. That dry out your hands, sting when you use them and only kill germs until the alcohol dries?



Glenda said...

I don't use the alcohol stuff, but I won't go near antibacterial stuff either. you know how over using antibiotics has made them not work nearly as well anymore? Antibacterial products are the same. The bacteria will grow stronger, immune to it if you will, and soon it won't work to protect us either. This from a pharmacist...

just an fyi. :)

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