Thursday, November 1, 2007

Ninjas, Zombies and Princesses ...Oh MY!!

Left to right is Emma as the Princess, Nephi the Ninja and Bobby the Zombie.

Emma wouldn't wear socks with the 'princess' shoes so after an hour or so she was grumping and fussing that her feet hurt and were cold.

We also were not able to find her favorite house that served homemade root beer the last two years. Of course this was the cause of additional fussing and, "But, I wanted to have the root beer drink".

I tried to explain, "We don't know what happened, honey, maybe they moved or the mom or daddy is sick. Or maybe they died." "But, I still want some". "You'll be OK". (but I'll be losing my mind!)

Nephi was whipping out his swords and attacking someone or something every few minutes. He also jumped and bounced around so much that his candy kept falling out of his bag.

Bobby's mask scared the living bejevees out a bunch of little kids and parents were covering their kids eyes when he walked by. He started to really get into the scaring thing by walking toward people and jumping out at cars going by.

Here is our traditional 'Barfing' pumpkin that we put on the front steps -


Anonymous said...

why does this all sound familiar lol. Hi there this is lisa from hey-buddy blog. This was my dh space so I made up my own. Hmm I was actually suprised how easy it was lol. I was intimidated by it then tried and whalah there it is. My new blog is I enjoy your blog very much~lisa

7thHeaven in Texas said...

I just found your blog and I have been laughing the whole time. You have my favorite type of sense of humor. Sarcasm with a tiny twist of wicked. bahahahahah.

I love your attitude toward life and your family. I tend to get a little pulled into the "gloom & doom" clique every now and again. I'm glad I found your'll keep me grounded! OH, the Barfing Pumpkin. (ROTF....My boys are alreading planning one for next year.)

Anonymous said...

THAT IS SOOOOO FUNNY(The Pumpkin)!!!! :)
My name is Nicole Miner. I am from Cape Cod Massachusetts, and I came across your blog because of an article in a People Magazine that was in my Doctor's office today. I found your Family's story so inspiring and interesting that I decided to research more about it when I was able to get to my computer today. It really hits close to home because I know SO MANY people with neurological problems, and can sympathize with all of you. I, myself, had a little girl with a chromosome disorder that recently passed away, and I wanted to tell you that you are truely blessed to be able to spend all the time that you do with your children. God Bless You!!!!!! You seem to be doing a GREAT job!