Friday, November 30, 2007

Squirty Shorts and Drippy Pants

We've been a bit under the weather starting the day before Thanksgiving. Mary (3 in Dec) came into the living room the day before Thanksgiving with barf down her shirt, her pants and some in her hair. It looked like milk and we thought maybe she drank an old bottle.

She barfed and fussed the rest of the day, she was sick. The next day she seemed better and we prepared the Thanksgiving feast at home for ourselves. No ones invites us, of course. After Ammon (4) was in bed for the night for just a few minutes. Hack...HACK...BARRRRFFFF!!!!

We had to put him in the tub and rinse him off. His playpen? (the only place he'll sleep) looked like it had 5 lbs. of yuck. Amazing how much can come out of one little boy.

Mary's new friend on Friday was Mr. Diarrhea. How did we discover this? We found a trail (guck!) from her room into the living room, of green droppings. This lasted most of the day, thus our title of this blog entry. Oh, and Sarah (5) started her barfing as well.

Saturday was relatively calm with most of the babies filling their diapers with, well... let's just say it was nasty. Myself and the 3 oldest went to church on Sunday. Robin stayed home with the recovering 3 youngest.

That night Emma (9) started barfing. No school for her on Monday. Nephi (8) did go to school, but by noon we got a call from the nurse that he, "had an upset stomach", picked him up. Now Robin and I we starting to feel the effects. Mary's Friday friend was now our buddy. Once Nephi was home he paid homage to the porcelain god. (actually he preferred a large bowl beside his bed). Still Monday, the 3 youngest were much better, but now with Mom and Dad (called in to work sick that day) feeling bad and Nehpi hacking in the background... well, is this picture somewhat clear?

Bobby (14) ? Oh, he got it Monday night and missed school on Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm still making trips to the potty more then usual.

Sooooo, how was your Thanksgiving?



Round Belly said...

You poor things.Stomach flus are bad enough if just one get it, but a whole family. You have my sympathy.

Amanda, aka Dragoness said...

Your family is amazing. I am just browsing through your posts and the comment about no one inviting you to Turky day really stuck me. If I were in the financial position to buy enough food and you lived in Northern California I would invite your family over for Thanksgiving in a heartbeat! I have 3 kids myself and currently they are all "normal" whatever that is. But a friend of mine has a son with some problems, we aren't sure what they are yet but Autism Spectrum Disorder has corssed my mind a few times, and when he is here he is a challenge.... but we love him anyway. Please keep up the good work and please keep spreading the word. I know Mom may not have much spare time (if any) but if there is ever a spare moment I belong to an online community of moms called The Mommy-Zone and our community would welcome ANY mom with open arms. We do have some moms with children on the spectrum already, Mom would be a wonderful assett to our group :)