Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Profile Has Had Over 1000 Views!!

We felt from the beginning when we started this blog that there may be some people interested in what our lives are like, how we handle things and what some of our interests are.

A 1000 VIEWS!?! Pretty cool to me. But...

From the views and stats of the blog we are getting a lot of looks but as far as tons of comments... not so much. It sure warms MY heart that people comment. Looking is fine, comments are better. Especially some of you family members that NEVER comment.

So....... let's get involved in the whole blog thing and COMMENT!!! Thanks



Dadof6Autistickids said...

Have to comment on my own blog? yikes! Any pros out there got a hint or two for me to get better traffic to da blog?

Anonymous said...

I am the same way. I have a blog and only my mom and sister put comments up lol. I dont care I love to blog and if I can inspire just one person my work is complete. I am sorry I am a lurker but not a commenter Im guilty I admit it. Your story is so facinating really! Im all over the autism blogs lurking but when it comes to commenting im a bit shy lol. I blog like mad but to shy to comment crazy I know lol. Take care and much supportive thaughts coming your way! Thanks for letting me enjoy your inspirational blog!

*Jess* said...

I'm one of your faithful blog readers :) I grew up LDS and have a son that is most likely somewhere on the spectrum (we won't have a diagnosis until March). I really enjoy reading your blog :) Keep up the good work and enjoy your lovely family!

~Miss Nelson said...

I am a reader as well, now that I have found you. Interesting I asked you the same question about if anyone is really reading or commenting. Maybe people are shy? "Come out come out wherever you are...." ha ha

Grandma Jan said...

This is one of your family members WHO never writes. (Robin's mother) It is not clear exactly how to comment, but when I went to LOOK at comments you received, that is where I finally found this box for leaving comments. I hope this is the right way to do it. Otherwise you will be writing more complaints about how very few people respond. Could you possibly leave directions on how?

I'm stuck 1300 miles away from your family and Dad and I can only come out once a year. I find it so backward that the grandchildren I could help the most with my presence are the ones I rarely get to visit. We'll be out in July!

Your site is very informative and entertaining. Good luck with establishing your foundation. I'm sure the upcoming article in People and other media occasions will help. If I were rich, I'd be more helpful, right? I'll try to comment now that I think I know how. But you can get more results with honey than vinegar. Stop complaining and try to sound more inviting and enthusiatic. No one wants a sympathy date!

Anonymous said...

Funny how things happen...I came across your site after visiting an Extreme Home Makeover site and happened upon the one with the family with 5 Autistic children, saw your comment and here I am.
I too am LDS (guessing you are after reading some of your blogs and your kids names, and there is the fact that you live in Utah :)) and have a 7 year old that is Autistic.

I would love to read more about your children and how they function, how they got the diagnosis, treatments you have tried/are trying, etc.

Feel free to email me.

Momof6AutisticKids said...

Dear anonymous,

We would LOVE to email you, but who are you and what's your email? Maybe you forgot to leave your email, or you can email us directly at autism_bites@yahoo.com. Thanks!