Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Autism Bites...Again!

Well live goes on... I have been a bit lazy the past few days. Sat in front of the tube watching the Jazz (NBA basketball team in Utah) win a couple of squeekers (is that a word?). Besides sister being bit last week, Autism has bitten us again.

In our continuing quest to make some bucks, Autism Bites...the car with a new sign in back (see pic to right). I thought I did a good job, what do you think?

And lest you think we have big bucks already to have such a big SUV gas glugger...not so. The last car was a 1993 Dodge Caravan with 226,000 miles. The side door fell off...twice! We had to hit the radio 'on' button with the ice scrapper to get it to come on. The horn didn't work the last 3 yrs. A gas smell was coming from somewhere (we never did find) that made 8 yr old brother lose his last meal nearly every time he rode. The transmission would decide, all by itself, that it only liked to be in either reverse or 2nd gear. Let me tell you, 45 mph in 2nd gear is a REAL scream. The transmission also would go KLUNK...KLUNK...KLUNK whenever you made a left turn. FUN...FUN...times that car was. So how did we get 'Der gas gluggerstein'? As soon as we got little 2 yr old sisters SSI check...bam! Ran out a put it down for the new car. The dealership reluctantly took the old beast and had the junk man take it away. Now sisters monthly check makes the car payment and higher insurance costs.

Autism Bites...the playpen (see pic to right). 3 yr old brother (aka 'The Destroyer') will only sleep in the playpen. He does have a twin bed which only provides amusement to the little angel as something that must have the top mattress tossed on the floor. Yes, he DOES do it by himself. But as you can see the playpen also looks a little worse for wear. It has now been retired to the trash can to be added to the local landfill. We hope the new one will last longer then 6 months!


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