Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Autism Bites...and HURTS!

"There's nothing like having a little afternoon snack of...sister" that's what our 3 yr seemed to be thinking today. While Mom was loading the stroller in the SUV to go to a play date, she heard bellowing cries coming from the house. A frantic rush to the house and investigation revealed one bite mark on 2 yr old sisters arm and four on her back.

3 yr old brother just babbled his little signature sound, "baa baa baa". I don't think he does it to be mean, I believe he really enjoys the feeling of skin between his teeth. Sister isn't very keen about this type of "stim" that her brother unfortunately does.


Cindy said...

Oh, I am just cringing at those memories. My third child is NLD/Asperger's, and just after he learned to talk, when he was three, we would hear his shouts of "Bite me!" followed by screams of pain from his older brother. The order of words in his sentences made for an unusual twist on this.

I wish I could show you what life with your kids will be like in just a few years. Things really do get better, I promise. It's so overwhelming when they are young, I know.

I just bookmarked your blog, and I'm looking forward to reading it often.


abfh said...

I remember being pinched by my sister, who apparently thought it was great fun to break my skin with her fingernails. I had scars on my arms for a long time, until they faded. My mother didn't intervene much, probably because I was bigger and older and guilty of pestering the heck out of my sister sometimes.

I think this is a situation where natural consequences ought to be sufficient. If your three-year-old keeps biting his sibs, they'll probably clobber him enough so that he'll quickly learn biting is not a good idea!

BTW, I've answered your comment on my site...