Monday, May 28, 2007

The "Destroyer" - 3 yr old brother

This is ONE of our angels, our toughest but just one. He likes to watch the water go down the bath tub drain. He gets very excited watching the cars go by when we go for walks.

Whenever we go anywhere he likes to open and then watch the door close, this is usually for doors that slowly close themselves. He rocks and rocks and rocks in our rocker recliner.

He'd rather run 90 MPH then walk. He tears paper into thin strips, usually big sisters books. He puts that paper into his mouth and makes HUGE paper wads out of it.

His bedroom looks like a tornado just came through. He'd rather sleep in his playpen, but does like his bed enough to pull the mattress into the middle of the room.

He climbs every where and has NO FEAR. Before we blocked off the kitchen area we'd find him standing on top of the fridge. He still will climb on top of the TV entertainment center when we aren't looking. This is where he takes DVD's out of the player and bites (can you say Autism Bites?) them. More climbing? He figured out how to scale the 5 ft gate to escape from the back yard.

Do you wonder why we are a bit loony?




OOOO, you have one of those too? Grace is three, no fear, white tornado, cept she likes to line things up. Hard to keep an eye/ear on they over the din of 5 others (4 in my case). Only 2 on the spectrum, but at this point, it's hard to tell the difference over the roar...

Round Belly said...

Our 4 year old bites the DVDs, our 8 year old- autistic chews books up and spits them at the ceiling. I don't even want to talk about the mess we live in from the tornados.

i've book marked your blog. I love war stories.