Monday, May 14, 2007

A Killer Week...bit again

Where should I start?

Ok, 3 yr old brother put the bite on 2 yr old sister AGAIN. It was really, really BAD. Her back was bleeding this time. You feel like giving him a big whop! on the butt, but it wouldn't do anyone any good. Sister was already hurt (wouldn't make her feel better). Brother would cry, but doesn't get it as to why he got the spank. And we'd feel bad for making him cry, when he doesn't understand anyway.

So, we are now doing our best to not leave him in the same room alone with her. Whenever we hear her cry we come running 90 MPH to see if she's being attacked again. It putting us a bit on the edge.

On Thursday, Dad took the day off (without pay) to take 3 yr old brother to be evaluated at the local Autism only pre-school. The school primarily uses the ABA teaching method with 10 students per class with 5 teachers. (2 to 1 !!) Well... when pulling out of the drive the "Autism Bites mobile" (see pic to right) made a clunk, then a weeeeeeeee sound. Reverse was gone.

Today we got the bad news... but not before getting it looked at twice, towing it twice and having the tow truck driver be a complete butt-head. $3000 big ones! Not sure how we're going to pay for it though. I told them to fix it and we'll see where it goes from there. (come back to stay posted) Thankfully big brother (23 yrs old, first marriage) was able to come and take us to the 10:00 appointment and only be 10 minutes late.

I won't go into the details of Grandma and Grandpa visiting from Minnesota, the swamp cooler (like AC for you non-deseret dwellers) that is being replaced by the Landlord, slowly. Or Dad throwing out his back. Blah...blah...blah...

Tonight Mom and I are going to veg with a DVD, hope it's as funny as we've heard.


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Anonymous said...

It's probably not much comfort, but you are definitely not alone on the biting thing. My 18yo son bit his 15yo brother not too long ago. Old habits die hard. I cling to the hope that this chomp will be the last in our ASD family.

I keep looking for someone to write a book about the special joys and agonies of raising more than one child on the spectrum. You're on to something -- such a book definitely needs a chapter on biting.