Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Researching we will go... researching we will go...

Our local state university discovered us and our six ASD kidlets. They have an Autism genetics research project going on. They want us to participate. OK, sure we said. So, last week I took 3 yr old brother and 5 yr old sister...

(see family makeup - )

... to the appointment. I was told about some testing and blood draws, BUT the tests I had to do? Hmmm... I felt like I was back in high school doing the SAT tests. What is the meaning of this word, and this and this... Then I was shown various patterns and given 9 cubes and asked to replicate the patterns. The cubes were like huge dice, but instead of dots they were white and red squares and diagonals of red and white. Got cross-eyed doing that one!

Next was listening to a audio tape with 'made up' words I was to repeat back, quite odd but I think I did fine. Then the SHAPES. Five large circles, five small circles, five large squares, five small squares. Each was one of five colors. Started out easy enough. 'Touch the white small square.' It evolved to something like... 'Before you pick up the large yellow square, touch the circle next to the one below the small blue circle, then pick up the small white square and the green large circle.' Huh? I was sweating bullets, especially when she attached the clips to each of my ear lobes with wires running to a humming box and had me put my forefingers into a cup of water while she turned the dial higher and higher. Hee hee, just made up that last one.

The most fun? Helping to hold down the 3 and 5 yr olds as they got 6 vials of blood each. By the time it was my turn I think I fainted dead away...maybe not, but we did get a nice bag lunch and ten bucks apiece for the blood. But, really the most fun was while I was being asked history questions on brother; watching the play area through the wall window. Brother and sister running and screaming all over the place (their testing was done). Sister flipped off the office lights...repeatedly. Brother reminded me of those motorcycle drivers in the wire cage ball at the circus. Going round and around and around. By the time we were ready to leave there was food all over, torn papers strewn about by brother, AKA 'The Shredder'.

Even though I was assured that they were used to all this the three young ladies looked a bit frayed. And to make it easier for all of us they suggested that they could come to our home to finish the testing. We'll see... ; )


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