Friday, June 29, 2007

Mom's Debut...A Little Bit Means A Lot

Hello all! This is my first blog entry! My husband, John, has been asking me to write for a while. Well, here I am!

My name is Robin and I am 36 years old. As the mom of six autistic kids, every so often people comment "How do you do it?" and "I don't know how you do it." I really don't know what to say except "I don't really know how I do it either." I just do it, I have to, and of course, I want to, after all, they're my babies and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

When I say a little bit means a lot, this is huge, I want to shout it from the rooftops!!!!.....

A couple of days ago, Sarah, age 5, and Ammon, age 3, both classic autistics, ate their apple sauce with a spoon for the FIRST TIME! Yahoo!!!! Praise the good Lord in Heaven!!! John got out the video camera too, we were so proud.

And yesterday, we managed to barely survive a trip to the local health food store. I forgot to bring along our AutismBites t-shirts, oops....Well, when we got in, Sarah immediately went to the produce and started pawing the apples and screaming. We kept telling her no, but soon realized we had to give in, she was hungry. So, she quieted down as she chomped on that apple for dear life. We were almost done as we were in the dairy aisle getting some non-hydrogenated, soy spread that tastes a lot like butter. Sarah apparently had enough and really started screaming at this point. A woman shopper was near us, and as we left that aisle, our 9 year old Emma, mild Asperger's, said that that woman gave us a mean look. I calmly replied "It's okay, people give us mean looks a lot."!

....It also means a lot to us when people keep their little bitty mean looks to themselves, at least until we turn our backs and can't see them anymore.



Dadof6Autistickids said...

I would like to thank my dear wife for her first post. She is crazy busy with handling the children each day. She writes a daily journal (originally suggested by her lawyer) that takes up most of her spare time.

We hope that our perspective from a Mom and Dad will help others dealing with Autism.

Mom without a manual said...

Thanks for posting and sharing your story!

I have two boys, T (20 months) and JP (5 with autism). I don't know how you guys do it! You must make an amazing team--all 8 of you!

Cubscoutmom said...

Those mean looks are so common. I just tell my son, Wyatt (9 Autistic) that THEY must be having a bad day.

Anonymous said...

Welcome and thanks for posting. I understand being too busy to write often, cuz I have the same problem.

Drama Mama said...

Good on you for writing. It must be a challenge to sit down and write, but doesn't it help?
Thank you for your perspective.

kristina said...

Little bits turn into big things----and are big in themselves!

kimbutgar said...

I read the article about your family today in the Desert News. All I can say is that you have my sincerest respect. I have a 14 year son with autism and he is a handful when I imagine that 6X's it is mind boggling. I plan on buying a t-shirt to show my support.