Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Spongeboy Poopants and Ice Ice Baby

Ahhhh... the joys of Autism. Ammon (aka The Destroyer) just will not get out of his diaper diving mode. Yesterday he got it on his AND Sarah's bed, the walls, the carpet and a stylish smear across his forehead.

Today when I detected a familiar smell waifing from the children's room, I knew something was afoot... or a bum bum. As the change was taking place nothing appeared to be amiss, at first. Besides the 5 lbs load in the diaper of course. The smell still lingered. A closer look at his clothes and... yuccccck, poo poo smears on his chest. Hands too of course. But the funny thing was he wears a one piece overall outfit and there was no visible signs of entry... or escape. Huh?

Sarah LOVES ice. We discovered this when at a family gathering a few months ago my sister brought over some liters of pop and a bag of ice. Sarah can't get enough of the stuff, she started constantly asking for 'pop' (pronounced pa pa). She will bite and crunch it, with the melt dripping down her chin and onto her clothes.

At least it's not POOP!



Anonymous said...

I told my son(age 10) about this today, the feces smearing, and he said, "EEWWW!" It gave him something to be thankful for that day, cuz we rarely have that problem here. Just an occasional bit on the hand from touching it. My older kids get mad at their autistic brother's lack of potty training and that they have to take turns changing him. They don't get that just because he can use the toilet one day, it doesn't mean he is just being lazy or a brat if he doesn't use it the next day.
Here's something funny. My son has found a new joy-Porta potties. After all, what's not to like-no lights, no fans, no flushing noise, heaven for him. We were at an outdoor event at the church and he asked if they had Porta Potties. He was disappointed that he had to go inside. Maybe I should rent one for the back yard?

Dadof6Autistickids said...

We have a next 'poop story' installment coming soon