Sunday, June 17, 2007

Thank you, thank you verrry much (using an Elvis voice)

Today is Father's Day.

It is always a day of joy and sadness for me. I've not mentioned it before now, but I was married before and had 4 children from that marriage. My oldest son has forgiven me for divorcing his mother, but the other three I don't hear from on Father's day.

My son took me out to dinner Friday at a very chic Chinese restaurant (valet parking even) and then we went to see the opening of the new Fantastic Four. It was all very good. Just in case you are doing a count my total is yes...ten children who can call me Dad. Even if only 7 do so on a regular basis.

A great big thanks to all those who have bought our Autism Bites t-shirts in the last couple of weeks. Our champion buyer this past week was Daniel V. from Ohio who bought 4 t-shirts! Thanks to all and please do come here and comment about the t-shirts, especially when you buy some. What you like, don't like or any suggestions.

Thank you also for the kind and thoughtful words from the last blog. Its nice to know that we aren't the only ones that have bad days and that we have blogger friends. It is especially nice since I've been spending the last couple of days posting on a Yahoo Group and have been called a whiner, because I had a different opinion. I thought that not talking about religion or politics with friends was a bad idea. I'm learning that some people really get worked up and sometimes down right angry when it comes to the subject of Autism.

Lastly, thanks for making this blog one of your favorites on your blogs list. When you do let me know, if you list us I'd like to list you.


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